Shipping & In-Store Pickup Information

The D'Orsi's Bakery Shipping Policies and General Shipping Guidelines are subject to change without notice. Please read careful below:

General Policies & Guidelines

Section I:
If your country does not appear in our order form, then we cannot accept online orders from that country. Please contact us directly at (732) 634-7994 to place the order.

Section II:
- All of our shipping is done standard 2-3day delivery normally by FedEx.
- Customers who are shipping within designated "local" area will be shipped by Local bakery delivery

Section III:
- We reserve the right to change the requested method of shipping if a more suitable method is available.
-During the holiday months shipping companies do not guarantee standard delivery policies due to the overwhelming amount of products being shipped. Therefore during the holiday months express shipping may be used depending on product and freshness expiration.
- Shipping to "warm" climate states (AZ, TX, CA, ETC...) during certain times of the year may require express shipping to guarantee the non-spoiling of goods.

Processing & Verification of Order(s):

Section I:
- All products once ordered go through an approval process.
- All products are subject to availability and inventory pending.

Section II:
- Customers will be automatically notified of shipping charges once the order is in-process by staff.
- Customers MUST approve shipping costs before the item(s) leave the store.
- Customers MAY be subject to termination penalties if they approve the order and later request it to be cancelled.

Section III:
- Orders are processed and shipped out within 2-3 business days (during operating hours), however the total process depends on the verification by the customer.
- Ordering during holidays may be restricted or subject to certain additional policies.

- In-store orders are not available the same day.
- In-store orders are normally ready next day, pending product availability.
- In-store pickup orders are only available for pickup during normal operating hours.
- Orders placed after 4pm will have a tentative pickup date 2 days instead of next day availability
- In-store pickup not available on holidays or during special hours unless otherwise noted.

Return Policies:
- All sales are final, no returns accepted.
- We do not refund shipping charges for returned orders.

Additional Ordering Policies:
- UPS and FedEx may charge you an extra fee if you provide the incorrect shipping address.
- You may be charged customs fees, handling fees or taxes in your country. We can not foresee such charges and are not responsible for the fees. There are no additional fees, customs duties or taxes charged in the US.


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